Responsive Web Design - Be Mobile Freely

What Is Responsive Design

Well the era has changed. Some years earlier there used to be static websites and the websites were supposed to be visited from computer but the world has gone mobile these days. 40% of the web traffic comes from the mobile devices and people tend to visit the websites from their mobile devices.Now there was a concept of mobile only pages and ofcourse the computer webpages but now a days we make websites so flexible that the website itself detects the device and adjusts themselves according to that. This is called responsive design.

Importance of responsive design

It is very important for your business to enable users of mobile devices to visit your page regularly so that your web traffic always remains unchanged and the business always booms.People are busy and so are you and they sometimes dont have time to visit a website from home or office computer but of you use responsive design they will be able to visit the website from mobile or tab or computer what ever the device maybe and I mention the visit will be seamless.

Why US?

At AZWAYS we use bootstrap as our main responsive framework so that we can make your website crisp and beautiful. The grid based system enables you to use the website from any device and our dedication and support always helps your website to be perfect.